ISAN2017 President's Welcome Message (English)

Presidential Address for "ISAN2017"

Ladies and Gentlemen,
ISAN is an abbreviation of International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience (Chairman of the Executive Board, Professor Kevin Shoemaker) which was founded 20 years ago. The Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research (JSNR) will co-host ISAN Congress in 2017 or "ISAN 2017" held in Nagoya, Japan, from August 30 to September 2. On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for "ISAN 2017", it is my honour and privilege to note Presidential Address here. The memorial 70th JSNR Congress in 2017 or "JSNR 2017" will be held conjointly with "ISAN 2017" at the same congress venue from August 31 to September 1. As the President of the LOC for "ISAN 2017", as well as the Chairman of the Executive Board of JSNR, I would like to extend a friendly welcome to all of you attending this Congress.

Let me note briefly the history of our JSNR, in relation to international activities. The International Society of Neurovegetative Research (ISNR) was founded in 1955 at Strasbourg in France. Our JSNR was founded in the next year, 1956 as a Branch of ISNR. Professor Shigeo Okinaka at the University of Tokyo played a cardinal role in founding JSNR, and hosted the 18th Congress of ISNR in Tokyo, 40 years ago. Many pioneers of JSNR had very active roles, at this Congress. Professor Masanori Uono, the late Honorary President of JSNR was one of the most active participants. The JSNR hosted again the 20th Congress of ISNR in 1990, under the chairmanship of Professor Masami Yoshikawa at the University of Tokyo, when the late Professor Uono was the vice-President of this Congress. The four Honorary Presidents of the LOC for "ISAN 2017" (Professor Makoto Iwata, Professor Akira Takahashi, Professor Takehiko Bando, and Professor Tadaaki Mano) have played many important roles in facilitating the international JSNR activities.

When ISAN was founded in 1997, Professor Tadaaki Mano and the late Professor Akio Sato joined the ISAN as executive members; Professor Mano as a regional representative and Professor Sato as the representative from the Commission on Autonomic Nervous System of International Union of Physiological Sciences. It was Professor Sato who told us of his idea to invite "ISAN 2007" to Kyoto, Japan. The executive JSNR members offered their full support, and asked Professor Sato to preside over "ISAN 2007" in Japan. Professor Sato did almost all the initial preparations himself. But the progress of his illness prevented him from continuing his work for the Congress, and asked Professor Makoto Iwata to chair the LOC for "ISAN 2007". The "ISAN 2007" in Kyoto ended successfully under the chairmanship of Professor Makoto Iwata 10 years ago.

During the annual JSNR meeting in 2014, Professor Satoshi Iwase told us of his plan to invite "ISAN 2017" to Japan. After some discussion, the executive JSNR board members agreed with his idea. After we received in 2015 an official approval from the ISAN executives to invite "ISAN 2017" to Nagoya, we began quickly preparing for "ISAN 2017", with the help of four Vice Presidents of the LOC for "ISAN 2017" (Professor Akira Kurita, Professor Mieko Kurosawa, Professor Gen Sobue, and Professor Koichi Hirata). I would like to thank them for their dedicated works towards "ISAN 2017" in spite of their busy schedules. We could find the Winc Aichi in Nagoya as the Congress Venue, fixing the dates for the Congress, and applying to the Nagoya City Government to support the Congress. During "ISAN 2017", we hope that approximately 400 Neuroscientists will join from many countries around the world, from the East to the West. In preparing for the scientific program, especially in choosing the topics for symposia and the speakers of plenary lectures, members of the International Program Committee (Chair; Professor Javier Stern) enthusiastically offered their support. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them for their kind advice. Autonomic neuroscience today covers quite broad areas of neuroscience, from molecular genetics to the functional assessment of the whole body. Professor Harumi Hotta (Foreign Affairs of the LOC, a regional representative of ISAN), Professor Mieko Kurosawa, Professor Akira Kurita, Professor Tomoyuki Kuwaki (Chair, Basic Field of Scientific Program Board), and Professor Masato Asahina (Chair, Clinical Field of Scientific Program Board) worked very hard putting the Scientific Program together. Previous ISAN Congresses have consisted mainly of basic neuroscientific topics, however this time we have included several topics from clinical research fields too, as two-thirds of the members of the JSNR are clinical people. We will have four plenary lectures and 34 symposia (25 ISAN symposia and 9 JSNR symposia) on the latest topics in the field of autonomic neuroscience. We also organized four luncheon seminars in which you will be able to learn from excellent lectures to be presented along with a lunch service. In addition to the oral as well as poster presentations listed in the program, we have arranged Gala Dinner planned during this Congress, as well as some excursion programs open to both accompanying persons and participants alike to visit major sightseeing areas around Nagoya.

Preparing for this Congress has not been easy work, however all the members of the LOC have cooperated and worked together. In addition to the names I have already mentioned, I would like to mention several more names; Professor Nobuo Araki (Treasurer), Professor Satoshi Iwase (General Secretary), Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa (Venue Preparations and Operations), Professor Fusao Kato (Program Advisory Board), Professor Hirotsugu Kiyama(Program Advisory Board), Professor Yukio Ando (Program Advisory Board), Professor Masashi Yoneda (Vice President of "JSNR 2017"), Professor Yasuhisa Baba (Treasurer), and Professor Masahiko Suzuki (Treasurer), all of whom hardly worked in spite of their busy schedules. In order to be able to host this Congress, we have also relied on the kind financial support from various foundations, societies, companies and so on. I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to them for their generous help in making this Congress possible.

As Professor Makoto Iwata previously mentioned, the autonomic nervous system was once called "Lebensnerven", meaning "Nervous System of Life". I sincerely wish all of you to enjoy not only the science of "Lebensnerven", but also this beautiful country, Japan.

Thank you very much.

July 27, 2017 in Tokyo
Yoshiyuki Kuroiwa, MD, PhD.
President of the LOC for ISAN2017
Chairman of the Executive Board of JSNR